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Guidance Corner

Current Cal Prep students/parents:
Contact Mrs. Kathleen Teager (, if you are a Cal Prep student and need:
  • To discuss or change your class schedule
  • A referral to Credit Recovery
  • A referral to summer school
  • How to use your Buzz parent observer account
  • To leave Cal Prep and want to transfer back full time to your resident high school
  • Information on taking a Saddleback college class and/or have a K-12 permission form signed
  • A work permit
  • Information about Saddleback Community College; 4-year universities, or the college application process
  • Graduation information, cap and gown information
  • An explanation of academic awards such as Valedictorian, Seal of Biliteracy, etc. 
  • A 4-year plan to map out your classes for high school
  • To discuss credits and progress towards graduation
  • An explanation on how to read your transcript and the different GPAs
  • To discuss remediating low (D/F) grades and how/why to do so
Prospective Cal Prep students or parents:
Contact Mrs. Kathleen Teager ( for information on:
  • Enrollment for the upcoming semester
  • Information about Cal Prep and how it works
  • Dual enrollment with your resident high school and how that works
  • Taking a single course with Cal Prep