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Parent-Student Portal

Parents/guardians and students are encouraged to create a Parent and Student Portal access account, which will allow each famiy member to update student information in the District’s database, review student attendance by period, and see an unofficial transcript of their child’s progress.
Information and instructions for creating a Portal account can be found at: Parent/Student Portal
Please note that 3 pieces of information are required in order to create the account.
  • Your home phone number
  • Your child’s 7-digit identification number
  • A Verification Pass Code (The student ID number and Verification Pass Code are printed on their report card)
A letter containing this information will also be mailed to parents without portal accounts prior to registration should a report card not be available. Assistance is also available from the front office.
Students should create a Student Portal account so that they have access to the same information and records as their parents/guardians. Students need their seven-digit student ID number, an email address (must be different than their parents’), and the unique verification code that was used to create the primary Portal account.
Students will use their Portal account to complete the registration process and choose their classes. It will be essential for students to have a valid Portal account to properly register for courses. Students will not have the ability to change the data that parents enter in the  Portal.
Information regarding opening a Portal account is available at Parent/Student Portal.